My journey to Java 002 — Strings, if, for and while

1- Strings:

package JournreyToJava002;

public class JourneyToJava002 {

public static void main(String[] args){
String my_first_string = "My Journey to Java, by Islam Taha";
System.out.println(my_first_string.length()); // 33
System.out.println(my_first_string.charAt(0)); // M
System.out.println(my_first_string.indexOf("Islam")); // 23
System.out.println(my_first_string.replace("Islam Taha", "0xIslamTaha")); // My Journey to Java, by 0xIslamTaha


- str_var.lenght(); returns str_var length
- str_var.chatAt(); returns char at a specific index, not that indexing starts from 0.
- str_var.indexOf("some_thing"); returns the index of "some thing".
- str_var.replace("a", "b"); it replaces all `b` with `a`

2- If condition and control the flow:

String credential = "admin:admin";if (credential=="admin:admin"){
System.out.println("Hi! Admin");

3- For loop:

String loop_problem="My Journey To Java By 0xIslamTaha";
String loop_problem="My Journey To Java By 0xIslamTaha";
for (int i=0; i<loop_problem.length(); i++){

4- While loop:

int x = 0;
while (x<loop_problem.length()){

5- continue and break statement

String string_challenge = "0XIslam#Taha!";
for (int i=0; i<string_challenge.length(); i++){
if ('#' == string_challenge.charAt(i)){
System.out.println("Keep trying!");



code with love!

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