Dairy of Software Testing Engineer 001

Hello guys, I’m looking for the best way to keep things clear in my mind and I found that to master anything I need to teach it, So here we go. I’m gonna write a summary about everything I found it useful in the software testing filed. This is gonna be a diary of myself and It would be useful for others.

Some ppl wondering How to select a programming language for automation testing?

I would like to say it depends on the type of testing you are going to do. If you are going to do a unit testing, then for sure you are gonna use the same development programming language but if we are talking about an integration testing then here are my points to choose the perfect programming language for the job:

  • It should be a high-level language to make your life easier. Noone is gonna develop a test suite using low-level languages nowadays.


I found that the most common testing languages are Python and Java for most of the testing purposes. I built API testing suites, UI testing suites and functional testing suites using Python as the main programming language. There are dozens of software testing suites using those programming languages. If you wanna to be a good software testing engineer, you need to know how to figure out the source code as much as you can. Sometimes reading the source code of the system under test produces very nasty bugs as more than you can imagine.



code with love!

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